Friday, December 5, 2008

Most and Least Expensive Hotel

The resort Atlantis at the Palm Jumeirah (palm shaped island) in the United Arab Emirates was launched with an impressive firework display which lit the whole island and was bigger than the fireworks for the chinese olympics.

In an over the top show, singer Kylie Minogue was joined by Middle-Eastern pop sensation Nawal and former Miss World and bollywood star Priyanka Chopra (in a tacky outfit) who essayed the role of the goddess of Atlantis. The exclusive event which was attended by 2000 guest comprised of the who-is-who of hollywood and bollywood - Janet Jackson, Charlize Theron, Preity Zinta, Lindsay Lohan, Robert DeNiro, Shahrukh Khan and others. If you have money to burn, the Atlantis boasts a $26,000-a-night suite. Cal is wondering if pets have to pay extra.

In these economic times though when every one is looking for a deal here comes a zero star hotel in a converted nuclear bunker in Switzerland.

Eleven pounds extra buys a “luxury” room, with “antique” beds from a condemned hotel.
Complimentary slippers are provided for walking across the icy concrete floors — while customers enter a draw to decide who gets the luxury of a hot morning shower.


And they [the guest] will be given a pair of EARPLUGS to help blot out the racket from the ventilation system.

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