Sunday, December 21, 2008

A Christmas Story

The holiday season besides being my favourite time of the year brings a lot of memories from my school days. Hubby is always surprised when I can sing along with 'O come all ye faithful' or 'Silent Night'. Although what probably astounds him every time is my inability to carry a tune.

My sister and I attended a private Christian school in India run by a protestant family, the Chalkos. Every year before the Christmas vacation the school had an annual tradition of enacting a play which between singing Christmas songs would tell the story of Jesus Christ from the time Christ was born in a manger to the crucifixion.

Parents would clamour to get their kids on the play. Parents whose kids made it would feel so proud while parents whose kids did not, always thought the teachers were conspiring against their talented kid. My sister always got the lead role of being Mary. I was an angel who had no lines and really no expressions. Just had to smile through the show. My pictures though came out well, always smiling.

My parents came to the show every single year and watched us act as if they were watching the next Meryl Streeps. After our graduation though my mom revealed that she was glad that we were pursuing engineering as acting would not have been our future.

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