Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Michelle O

My take on Michelle Obama's fashion here earlier on this blog.

Michelle Obama wore a Isabela Toledo lemongrass color dress for the Inauguration ceremony. Though the dress was brocade and looked nice up close but on TV and from a distance the color looked too washed out, and the material reminded me of sofa cover fabric. It didn't help that coat was the same fabric as the dress and the ribbons to tie the coat looked messy. Michelle picked up lime green gloves from J Crew and Jimmy Choo pumps to complete her look. Michelle also was mostly standing by Jill Biden who wore a vibrant Red Coat with some fierce black stiletto boots which made her look like the frumpy one when compared to Jill's stylish look.

In the evening Michelle chose a white, georgette gown from Jason Wu. The style of the gown was great although Cal and I feel she should have picked a more vibrant color. Purple and red looks great on her. The full skirt complemented her but the stitching on the flowers looked incomplete. The dress did show off Michelle's arms beautifully. One of my friends said it looked like she had toilet paper wrapped around her. Ouch!

Both the designers Isabela as well as Jason did not know that their work will get picked by the First Lady. They submitted their designs along with other designers.

Update: Jill Biden chose a Reem Acra red strapless gown for the inauguration ball.


Cal and I loved this Narciso Rodriguez tan and black number Michelle wore for the pre inaugural concert at the Lincoln memorial.


Aspi said...

Hey was it just me or did Michelle O look terribly uncomfortable in that neighborhood ball dress. There were tons of "Aww"s around I noticed but please: those two looked as awkward on the floor as teenagers at their first prom dance.

Joules said...

Actually I did not see them on the stage. But heard someone say on TV that the full skirt was making it hard for her to dance and blamed her for the reason Obama could not show his dancing moves :)

Anonymous said...

I think the green gloves and shoes did not go at all with her outfit - to me it was a total clash. I wouldn't have picked black as a first choice either, but I think even that would have clashed less. Certainly she could have found something - white gloves, gold shoes ... anything else to pair with that dress.

Joules said...

Agree with you Anon about the lime green gloves and the darker green shoes. When in doubt go neutral. That would have helped.

Kastina said...

I completely agree with everything you've said! I love that you know all the designers as well! I really like Michelle, I hope her style will evolve within the next few months. Where/how do you know each designer?

Joules said...
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Joules said...

Thanks Kastina. There is enough information available on the net. Plus I watched Isabela Toledo on CBS today. Michelle has got her own style so when it evolves it will be great and unique.